A Speaker of Damnation: EP

by A Scarlet Gospel

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releases September 15, 2017



all rights reserved


A Scarlet Gospel Texas

"I haven’t come this far to deliver us into oblivion. I have such sights to show you. Soon, you will have answers to questions you have never even dared to ask.”

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Track Name: Grimoires of Salem
Take my hand to illuminate, this suffering! You will learn what happened to me. The stench of this nightmare bestowed onto me! Tonight we shall rise! The fires of hell are ripping me alive. 
From the grave 
From beyond the grave 
She sang to me, "replenish my restless nights and bring me salvation".. for I crave the night! 
And on that night I could hear you scream. Scream for mercy, you sang with the screams of thee. 
Dark hymns and lullabies 
And here I stand before you now Abigail. 
And on that night I could hear you scream. Scream for mercy. 
Here me now 
Here me now 
I seek for murderous details. These thoughts are burning in my mind. This insecurity within me breeds lustful blood. 
I need to find you now 
The thirst arrives cold calculated in mind. 
This blasphemy of pure wickedness 
Is spawned through me... 
I killed my creator! 

"And I began to read aloud from the dark passages from which this evil had come from. A world of utter pain and misery. Darkness unseen and depths unreachable. I haven't come this far just to deliver us into Oblivion. I have such sights to show you. You will know my pain" 

And on that night.. 
You sang with the screams of thee. 
Dark hymns and lullabies 
So say your prayers goodbye.
Track Name: I.T.C.W.O.L.O.L (Feat: Saud Ahmed from The Crimson Armada)
This portrait has turned black with no color in its frame. Just let me seek peace! I found a vision within you then slowly ripped it away. Just let me seek peace! When the blood runs thicker than oil and the blood runs deep in the soil. I succumbed to thy witness. 

I ingested thy soul and heard your plea! 

There was a faint noise came a flood. The signal appeared to be the father, the son, and the holy spirit his risen had begun. I looked away from his eyes and grinned a grin only a mother could love. 

I am reborn! Lord as my witness! 
My sin's are flowing tonight! 
O' father why have denied me! 

I stood before you tonight and I was left here to die! O' father! Why can't you see! I gave it all to you and you took from me..I succumbed to thy witness, I ingested thy soul and heard your plea! 

if what you worship takes the form of your lord 
then man will fall as victim on his back with the sword 
the reason this war will not cease to exist 
never will change until we resist 

obsession for the meaningless 
lust for the fleeting and futile 
the endless cycle that honors the avarice 
watch for the way the wicked walk 

in vain 

Watch for the way the wicked walk in vain. 
I looked away from his eyes and grinned a grin only a mother could love! 
I am reborn! 
Lord as my witness.
Track Name: Under A Jilted Moonlight
Walk with me, I will see what you need. 
The darkest days are surrounding me, leading me into a silence so profound. I can feel it as these walls close in on me. 
As the fog fades clear I feel the cold within the air. 
Hello my love, I have traveled far and wide to find this daughter of eve and give her my seed. My child will you bow to me and take thy hand and pray to world with gnashing teeth.. 
Her limbs start to buckle all signs are clear. This daughter of eve will bow to me! 
I shove my cock deep inside her pussy. Her limbs are ripped straight from her body. Not even your savior will be able to recognize her. 
As you beg! 
Your souls now vacant. 
Your time is up! 
Your time is up! 
You can see it. 
You wasted your time! 
You're already done. 
And left to die! 
Not even your precious savior will save you from yourself. Now you are under the moonlight and left to die! As I bite the tongue, from the serpent's mouth. One thing is certain, I am now one with the beast.